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Anonymous said: Any news on any new anime SHAFT will make? (Aside from Hanamonogatari.) Seems like forever since they've announced something!

I actually just saw something today..

I heard a cooking manga called Koufuku Graffiti got green lit for anime, and that Shaft is animating, but I haven’t seen anything to confirm that part.

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OPENING KEY ANIMATION SHEET SET - Tokuten when buying Mekakucity Actors act 001 and 002 from ANIPLEX+

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"It's okay now. You don't have to hate anyone anymore."
End of Walpurgisnacht.

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My name is Akemi homura. Pleased to meet you!

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Chitoge cos, wig, and makeup practice before Otakon! This is my first time using circle lenses and I’m very happy with the result!!! ♥

Chitoge is so frickin cute I’m so happy I get to cosplay her, especially with such a good Raku and such a cutie Onodera~!

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that's right, i should have a different form...
a different role... so, why...?

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"I'll have to leave you..."

"If that happens, I'll be lonely too. Really lonely.
But we'll be fine."

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