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Anonymous said: But for real though. #kizu never

At this point, they’ll probably have the beginning at the end..

so basically #kizu never

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another matching dead kids icons for u n ur friends from mca calendar 2015

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✖ Tsukimonogatari Anime Confirmed ✖


In the recent issue of Japan’s Cut magazine Monogatari writer Nisio Isin confirmed in the magazine that an anime adaptation of Tsukimonogatari is currently in production. No further information about the upcoming anime adaptation has been revealed.Tsukimonogatari-Anime-Adaptation-Confirmation_Haruhichan.com

Tsukimonogatari is the 13th book in Ishin’s Monogatarilight novel series and is the first novel in the third season story arc, following the end of…

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Nisemonogatari: Commentary Part 1A
- Senjougahara: Hello to all you people over the age of 18. I'm high schooler of marriageable age, Senjougahara Hitagi.
- Hanekawa: Don't say that, it's a little bit too true to be funny.
- Senjougahara: The fact that I’m a high schooler of marriageable age isn’t incorrect though, right?
- Senjogahara: Hello, I’m husband hunter Senjougahara Hitagi, currently taking applications to find a wonderful groom.
- Hanekawa: What happened to Araragi-kun?
- Senjougahara: Who would want to marry him after watching this anime? To everyone watching: the fact that you’re listening to the commentary means you must have finished at least the second episode. Surely this man who jumps from woman to woman like some migratory bird could never get married, don’t you think?
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